As we’ve released new products over the last several years, from Firestorm Websites to Dynamic Inventory Marketing, we’ve been working hard on integration so that everything works better together and provides even more value. Firestorm Technology is the culmination of those efforts. 

We've combined all of our digital products together into a single platform in order to provide marketing SYNERGY, and the results are INCREDIBLE. 
Firestorm Technology is everything you need, and it’s all in one place. One company to call that provides top-shelf support. One login to one system that produces the best results. Period. We care about doing the right thing and we treat our clients the way we wanted to be treated when we were dealers. That's why we don’t do contracts. 

Dealers choose PSM Marketing because we consistently perform for them, they like our results and love the way we treat them.  Not because they signed a piece of paper that locks them in for 12 or 24 months. We think that’s a pretty fair way to do business.


We use multiple methods to connect you to new prospects and reactivate lost customers to drive more traffic, generate more leads so you can close more sales. 

Always Relevant

 Whether it's email, display, retargeting or search engine marketing, your ads will stay extremely relevant and maintain direct-response marketing best practices. 

Live Results 

Easily track the performance of your Firestorm Technology marketing results through our all-in-one exclusive dashboard. You quickly get a high-level overview, or do a deep dive into the numbers.


At some point, every dealer has been too busy to do the marketing fundamentals they should. (i.e. Send emails, update digital ads, etc.)  With Firestorm Technology's Marketing Automation, your advertising will never be put on the back burner again.
Following is additional information on what Firestorm Technology includes...
The #1 purpose of a website is to generate leads. All other functions are secondary. Firestorm Websites are purpose-built with this in mind. We take direct-response marketing best practices and combine them with a high-tech platform to scientifically increase incoming leads. In fact, our clients typically see a boost of over 43%!

After studying hundreds of website traffic patterns and page views, we’ve discovered there is an 80/15/5 Rule. 80% of page views are vehicle sales related pages, 15% are the homepage, and 5% are all other pages combined. That’s why Firestorm Websites have a streamlined design to inventory pages… it’s what 80% of your visitors want! We simplify the path for visitors, providing a Google-like experience instead of a Yahoo! experience.  
  • Responsive design that’s mobile-first optimized causing you to rank even higher on the search engines.
  • Built-in SEO to increase traffic with an SEO foundation that’s included. You save money because expensive SEO services aren’t necessary.
  • Easy inventory management that automatically adds/removes inventory from your DMS, plus automatic stock photos, specs & an SEO-rich description to most of your inventory.
  • Boutique, personalized experience from your initial setup through daily maintenance, you'll have a dedicated website team to help keep your site going strong.
  • No contracts! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your website and experience, that's why we don't ask you to sign a contract.

Note: Firestorm Technology is now available without a Firestorm Website!

Consistent, high-quality emails are a critical part of a digital marketing strategy. If done right, they make a big impact to your bottom line. Firestorm Email is an easy-to-use email marketing tool made specifically for dealers. It's loaded with lots of done-for-you graphics, has cutting-edge inbox deliverability tech, and includes other features that no other email providers offer.

Since building the Firestorm Email platform from the ground up in 2015, we’ve deployed millions of emails for well over a thousand dealers, and we’re continually analyzing the data and striving for improvement. We have higher open rates and generate more traffic than other providers.
Firestorm Email also includes marketing automation that saves time and gets better results. These automations include...

Featured Inventory Email 
An automated email that sends weekly (or bi-weekly) and showcases your website's featured inventory. This drives low-funnel traffic to your website because every click is directed to a VDP (Vehicle Details Page), which results in more conversions.
Email Retargeting
80% of your website traffic looks at inventory, but only 1-2% convert. This automated email is designed to get inventory browsers back to your website. 3-hours after a visitor our system has identified a website visitor is viewing your inventory, we send an email that includes the last 5 units they viewed. When a person views a unit more than once they're more likely to convert.   
Website Tracking "Custom Offer" Email
This automated email sends to a website visitor 24-hours after they've looked at any sales-related page. Most dealers have this email come from the Sales Manager or General Manager and choose a 'Buy Back' or 'Demo Experience' message. The person we send this email to is added to your CRM (if you use one) for a follow-up call. 
Other Automated Emails
You can setup as many automated emails as you'd like.  Happy Birthday, Unit Sold Follow-Up, Extended Warranty Upsell Follow-Up, Website Lead Follow-up, etc.

Does your digital advertising leave much to be desired? Perhaps your ads are stale and haven’t been updated in months, or you're just getting lackluster results. Firestorm Technology is the answer you've been looking for. 

We deliver consistent digital ads to the hottest prospects across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google Display Network. This integrated approach, combined with unique targeting and fresh content, generates better results. 
Dynamic Inventory Retargeting & Display Advertising
This is the most leading-edge display advertising available. After someone visits your website, we target them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google Display Network and show the specific units they viewed. See the carousel ad to the right. This gets people back to your website and increases conversions.

We also target people who are “like” your current website visitors and show them inventory based on their interests. This strategy increases new traffic to your website and generates even more pipeline from people who’ve never done business with you before.

Display Advertising
As you can see below and to the right, we also create custom display ads based your dealership's needs each month. We’ll build out 1 or 2 categories based on your budget for ad spend, and you get to choose the content. Our most popular categories are a general dealership ad, an OEM special, a used inventory promotion, P&A special, service special, or a buyback campaign. 

We target your customer list first and foremost to keep your current customers active, but did you realize that 80% of most dealer’s customer list hasn’t done business with them in the last 12 months? It’s crazy, isn’t it? Consistently targeting them with display ads is a great way to reactive them. Then, we target a lookalike audience... the people who live in your backyard and buy what you sell, but they've never bought from you. 
We continue driving website traffic with Dynamic Inventory Search Engine Marketing, which does a much better job of increasing conversions from new customers who’ve never done business with you. Old school SEM/PPC only has 3 or 4 ad groups and, therefore, only 3 or 4 landing pages. You have to stuff lots of keywords into those 3 or 4 ad groups that end up reducing the effectiveness of the the campaign. Google is all about quality and giving people what they want. When you're not very specific, you don't even show up, which is why the big major directory listing sites and the OEMs are getting so many of those clicks.

We combat this by creating individual search ads for every unit you have in stock updated every night. When somebody searches for a year, make, model and trim, they’ll see your ad which exactly matches their search, and links to the VDP page for that unit. This specificity generates more conversions. Below, you can see the power of this. Somebody searches for a specific unit, the ad is all about that unit, and when they click the ad it takes them to that unit’s VDP page. Because the search term, ad and landing page are perfectly aligned, our quality score is higher and you can compete with the OEMs, big national sites and your competitors without having to match their level of spending. 

We’ll also include a broad terms group so if somebody is searching for "<OEM> dealer near me" your ad will show.
Firestorm Technology includes Customer Connections texting!  We text enable your dealership's main phone number so prospects and customers can text instead of having to talk on the phone. 96% of consumers would rather text a business. 


Consumers have stopped answering the phone, but text messages have an open rate of nearly 100%.  


Texting provides an faster & easier way to engage with more prospects. Plus, our Text widget will increase leads from your website. 


On average, you have to dial 10 numbers to get 1 or 2 customers on the phone, and with a phone call you're occupied for 5 to 10 minutes. Texting is faster, more effective and more efficient for ALL dealership follow-up. 
Our reputation management system integrates with your DMS to send automated review requests to customers each day after they do business with you. We have a 100% success rate at growing reviews and improving Google My Business listings. In fact, this system has grown over 180,000 authentic reviews for dealerships in North America.

We create a custom review site for your dealership that boosts SEO and provides a Leaderboard for your team to compete to grow the most reviews.

Ready to get started?

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